One of the creatures that achieve the best in nature is indisputable ants. Developing a great game to teach teamwork and put ants as characters in this game, aims to provide us with a highly developed world in this sense. The game played with many team games has recently appeared in the industry. Some of us were interested, while others were disappearing from their minds. Counter Strike can be given as one of the fighting games where fighting as a team and watching your teammates come to the fore. However, they always make new updates to the games to attract the attention of the players. These updates attract our attention, sometimes focusing on characters and sometimes on game mechanics. In this sense, game, where ants come to the fore and fight in team work and strategies are determined as a team, is one of the most comprehensive games that have been released recently in this sense. Because in the games, besides the categories that emphasize the war between the teams, getting prepared and fighting before the war gives players more excitement. In this way, it prolongs the playing time and prevents the game from ending after short battles. Likewise, the map with the game is of great importance. It is possible to see many ambitious maps that have been released recently. But when you see the game map, I am sure you will understand that this well thought out and designed map will be among the best.

There are many options to help you on the start screen. First of all, you need to set a nice username for yourself. Then we recommend you to play the tutorial game mode among other options. Because is a bit more complicated than other .IO games. However, it should be remembered that the game has a structure that you will learn a little more each time you play. After practicing with the educational mode and learning the game, you can step into the world of hard working ants. On the main page, there are options such as how to play, Top 10 banners. There is also a shop where you can shop, and here you can buy costumes for your character. In order to shop in the market, you must earn money and earn by playing it. You can see the number of coins on the left of the screen. I can say that being a rich ant will affect the game pleasure. Then, right next to it, you will see the part written by your red rank. You will earn rank with the help of the levels you earn in the game. Your rank becomes clear before entering the games. Game makers, who attach great importance to communication and know that communication will not be missing in addition to teamwork, did not forget to put Discord option for better and comfortable communication to the homepage and also for discussions about the game. When it comes to starting the game, there are 2 different options waiting for you. You can play as a guest or as a single player if you wish. After choosing one of these two options, you will choose a server that suits you and access the room screen. Here you can invite your friends by setting up your own room. You can even set a password in the room you set that allows only the people you want to enter. We see that ants also have a private life. You can choose a room for yourself and enter the game.

Now you have stepped into a private world as an ant. The keyword of the game is team work! Based on a very simple logic, the goal in is to kill the queen of the opposing team. The game divides you into two teams, red and blue ants. It does this on a large map. There are two different worlds on the map. One is the world of ants underground, the other is the world of other insects on earth. You need to bring the food and ingredients you find on the floor to your home under the floor. But keep in mind that other bugs can attack you. Although spiders and cockroaches pose a threat to you, ladybugs do not harm you. You can look for material by going under the bushes, under the stones and under the large logs on the ground. There are also 2 entries that will allow you to go underground. One opens to your home and the other opens to the opponent's home. If you enter the opponent's house, they can kill you in a few seconds. Do not forget to follow the sign showing your home with a white arrow on the surface of the floor so you can distinguish it. Although there is a lot of fun on the ground, the real event begins underground. First of all, you must be a member of a colony. Or you can create your own colon and become the queen of your colon. Ants who are members of the colony must feed their queens. In addition, another ant group is obliged to take care of newborn larvae.

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