Ball Mania Zuma

In nature zuma game you will be asked to destroy the balls that come upon you depending on the type and color of the ball. In the first part, the balls that come on you will generally have balls that you can distinguish and do not contain much color. However, in other sections, both the degree of difficulty will increase and the balls coming on you will contain many colors. You need to pay attention to the speed of the arrival of the balls you want to throw the target point and throw that ball in your hand. If you are fast and fast, you can easily eliminate the colored balls. You can think of the effect of each score you earn, at the end of the game, as well as the ranking you get, as long as you don't forget the colored balls. You can also control your mouse with this game which gets harder in each passing section. You can target the point where the balls come with the mouse and click once on the ball that matches the color in your hand. As we wish you a good fun in this enjoyable colorful ball destruction game.

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