City Car Stunt 2

The legend of City Car Stunt continues with the series's 2 game. A brand new modern city and futuristic supersport vehicles await you. You can personalize 7 amazing vehicles from the first series with brand new skins and start the Stunt shows. The physics of the game has been completely renewed and you can now control the cars in the air. You will get more pleasure from the game thanks to the feeling of better control.

With Nitro feature added to vehicles, you will be able to pass traps more easily and become more powerful on ramps. You can play the game in both 1 Player and 2 Player modes. You can also perform free style shows in the Driving Free Driving ”section as in the previous series. Try to complete 6 different routes within the game before the time given to you! Each new section will open a new tool and will help you become more powerful in the next sections! No matter how fast and careful you will achieve success.

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