Cut The Rope

The famous android and iphone game, the original name of which is Cut The Rope, which breaks the records of being played with appreciation on mobile phones, is now meeting you on oyunbus. In Cut the Rope Cut the Rope game we will help our monster who loves candies to eat candy. You must drop the hanging candies on the monster to get the candies to reach our cute little green monster. Cut the rope monster game with the appropriate moves to make hanging on the rope end of the candy monster mouth by dropping must eat. So how to play this fun candy monster game,
You can start the game by pressing the Play button. With the help of the mouse at the end of the rope to cut the appropriate places for the little monster to eat the sugar must reach the mouth of the cute monster. A very fun part of the candy monster game, you can also make your necessary strategies by flying the candy in the balloon. The more stars you collect during the game, the higher the score. The music of the candy monster game, which is a delightful confectionery game, is very good and can make you addicted to the game. Without further ado, let's leave you alone with the cut the rope candy monster game.

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