Dead Paradise 3

Dead paradise 3 game is played with direction keys, "SPACE" spacing and "Z, X" keys. You can move the military vehicle back and forth with the arrow keys. You can launch missiles on enemies with the spacebar. With Z and X, you control the gun on the military vehicle. You can fire enemy soldiers with the Z key when the enemy vehicle attacks you from behind, and the X key when it attacks you from the front. You complete the section by taking the minibus of the scientists you protect along the course to the laboratory.

The remaining power of each vehicle appears just above it. The vehicle, whose power is reset, bursts and disappears. Your aim is to prevent the power of the military vehicle you use until the end of the track and the vehicle of the scientists you protect from being reset and the vehicle disappears. While doing this, your fuel tanks should not run out either. You can fill your fuel tank by collecting the green gas cans on the track. At the end of the track, there are laboratories where scientists will work. When scientists come to this laboratory, you complete the section and you can move on to the next section. You earn coins at the end of each episode. With these coins, you can buy new military tanks or you can continue playing death haven 3 game by purchasing new features such as armor, wheels, more powerful engines. A more difficult track will be waiting for you in each new section. You can continue playing dead paradise 3 by disabling all enemy troops in each level, dear game-loving friends. We wish you good fun in advance.

If you hold the arrow on the game picture before playing the game, you can watch the video of the game.

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