Fireboy and Watergirl 2

Start the game with the Play button, select the first section on the screen. In the game you will move the water girl with the arrow keys A, S, D, W fire boy. Your goal is to collect as many diamonds as you can and take both heroes to their doorstep. To stop the game, click the green button at the bottom of the game screen.

You liked Fire and Water 1 very much, and the producers did the second for you. If there is a need for those who do not know, the Fire and Water 2 game is a two-person intelligence and skill game.

The game can be played simultaneously with one person or two. The aim of the game is to bring the heroes, called fire boy and water girl, to their doors in section. Both heroes have different characteristics, for example the fire boy can enter the lagoon, but not the water lake. While the water girl cannot enter the lake of fire, it is not affected by the lake. The player has to push one button with one of the heroes, pass the other through the door, press the other button, so that he must act in a coordinated manner and help the other hero to pass through that passage. With the same logic, other obstacles take place in different ways in the sections. Cleverly developed sections require you to properly manage both heroes in places where they are needed. This, in turn, increases the player's ability to think, see and learn. In the department environment, both heroes can collect diamonds of their own color. Unlike the first game, new vehicles are included in this game.
If you hold the arrow on the game picture before playing the game, you can watch the video of the game.

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