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Fishingio is a great fun game for those who love fishing. The game is also an addictive game that people of all ages can play. It has a visually striking design. I would recommend it to everyone.

  • How to Play Fishing io?

Anyone who knows how to use a mouse can play Fishingio. It is played by simply holding down the left mouse button and dragging right to left. Your level does not appear in the game. So there is no level of progress. You earn points by making your own developments and thus you can enter the World rankings. This game, which can be played online, is seriously addictive. Because you can not say that I play and let go. You want to go to the end so that the place you stay is not deleted. You have no situation like being defeated in the game. You earn money by collecting fish and you develop by spending the money you earn. Features of Buttons in the Game There are 3 buttons in the lower part of the game. The first of these buttons, Bucket Size, determines how many fish you can catch. You can fish 3 fish at first. The fish you catch give a certain amount of money and you can increase the fish capacity with these coins. The second button means Depth, meaning depth and determines how deep you can throw your fishing rod. You have to give some money to increase the depth. The last button represents Fish Price, the money from the fish. You increase your money earnings from fish by pressing this button and you will develop faster. You have a fish bucket in the top right pane, and the number above this bucket shows how many fish you can catch in your fishing shot once. When you press the fish sign in the upper middle, you see the gaps with some fish pictures. These fish sit in place as you progress and the fish pictures become clearer. The game ends when you catch all the fish in this table. You can't get out of the game in this. You should be careful not to come to the trash of the fishing rod you throw for fishing. If the fishing rod coincides with the trash, it is pulled up without allowing you to fish any other. At the same time, large and newly opened fish bring more money. You will see large diamonds while holding the fish again. You shouldn't miss these colorful big diamonds. Because these diamonds give the largest amount of money. In this way, you can improve yourself in a short time.

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