In each round, one player is selected to draw something to guess other players. After the score reaches the goal, the first player will be announced as the winner. Gartic also allows the player to create their own room, choose between 6 themes to play and draw with friends. How to play is a very easy game to play! When the other player's turn comes, try to guess what the drawing is. Use the answers box to send estimates. Also use the chat box for fun, they talk to other players. When you have it to draw, use its tools to create better draw! The more players find the words, the more points you have! Strategy tips: While drawing, you can send tips to help the player to find a word, but give the tips you can find the least score each to reach you in the best way. Good luck! You can try to find the word fast, get much more points. Try to draw fast and don't waste too much time for details. The important thing here is to help players to find the word. Don't write anything on your drawing. There may be a loss of points delated by other players and obtained during the following turn.

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