is an exciting io game for fans of classic io games. It is a game where you will have to fight with all your strength between the trio of evolution, fierce competition and survival.'s only goal will be to earn experience points, increase your frags counter and control the arena. You should try different strategies in game and try to find the strategy that will be the most effective. With an effective strategy against enemies, you can be the biggest and strongest player in the game. There must be 8 different game modes in the game. These game modes are; single game, imagination game, ultra, infinity, self-feeding, virus feeding, crazy and bots are divided into eight branches. You must select the game mode from the right box on the login screen you see before entering the game. You can change the settings of the game and play your game with the combination of settings that suits you best.

  • How to Play

The controls of this game are quite simple. You can direct your character with your mouse. The W key can feed another player or thorn in the game. With the Space Bar button, you can split your character into smaller clones. It will increase your splitting speed.

When you enter the game, you can see the region map in the bottom right corner. With this map, you can see which direction you are going and you can avoid enemies depending on the situation. can be played alone, even with friends or online players around the world. Fully accessible version without lock and delay.

  • Information about the game is a free io game that you will play as a germ trying to consume the entire game map. Your main goal in this game is to be the biggest and you must be the best by defeating all other players. We can consider the game as an advanced version of the phenomenon we know as As you grow your character, the view on the game map will begin to grow in your region. So you can see the players that are smaller than you before they see you. Use your mouse to control the germ. Swallow the competition, live in endless glory.

It will be the most prestigious award for you to remove your name from the leaderboard in the upper right corner in the game. Everyone will see your player name on the leaderboard and will be afraid of you in the game. You can observe your size, score, FPS and ping status in the upper left corner of the game screen. If you want to talk to other players, you can use the conversation window in the bottom right corner, both play the game with pleasure and have the opportunity to talk and meet with different people.

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