Mr Jack vs Zombies

In our Mr Jack Against the Zombies game, we embark on an action-packed adventure with Mr Jack, who cares about his job and spends most of his life in his office. So how is Mr. Jack, who has no harm in his own way, going on an action-packed adventure? Things like that all find poor guys like Mr. Jack. Mr. Jack will Go against Zombies, but his job is not easy. In the middle of the night, he will be startled with an incredible voice, unaware of anything. The zombies will see Mr. Jack and start chasing him. Mr. Jack will soon realize that the world is being raided by Zombies and start running. At this point, we will step in and control our hero, Mr Jack. You can control our friend with your arrow keys, you can use the up arrow key to destroy the zombies, you can fire your gun with the SPACE key, and you can use your other weapons with the Z, X, C keys. Let's just say that if you press the P key, Mr Jack will be a little morale. Because people encounter something that they never expected in such situations; especially with scary stuff like Zombies, it will necessarily have a shock effect on it. Let's start our action-packed Mr. Jack Against Zombies adventure with our hero, friends ...?

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