Paper Minecraft

We have good news for Minecraft players! Paper Minecraft released. Paper Minecraft, which has become an indispensable part of Minecraft game lovers, is coming up with new improvements every day. In this version of the game lag, freezing and saving problems, such as solutions to the obvious improvements come to the fore. It has the ability to move and play your saved games from your old versions without any problems. 3 different modes stand out in the game. These are: survival mode, peaceful mode and creative mode. There are two different characters named Steve and Alex. After the game is completed, click on the NEW GAME button, select the game mode, character, map type, etc., and then select Done to start the game.

Game instructions:

Use keys 1-9 to quickly access the products you selected.
WASD - Walking / Swimming / Jumping E - Open / Close Inventory
M - Sound On / Off
F - Eat Food
Q - Release item P - Stop / Resume
T - Speech / O - Save the game.

If you experience lag problem, you can play without freezing by opening the new tab from the link below.

Click to play now.

To save Paper Minecraft:

After pressing the O key on the keyboard, select the area in the Save Game section and press CTRL + C to copy it. To start the game from where you saved the copy of the game at the opening of the game by pasting the Load Game section you can continue where you left off.

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