• What is Racing Masters?

Racing Masters, which means racing masters, is basically a race-oriented game. The race starts with 4 people and one of them is you. The goal is to defeat 3 opponents and come in 1st place. You should also pay attention to the bombs that come on you during the race.

  • How to Play Racing Masters?

Racing masters has a very easy gameplay style. You can play this game, which you can access through our site, only with a computer mouse. You don't need any other keys. Your car starts and runs at its own pace and you can increase the normal speed by giving commands with the mouse. In the lower part, firstly, two locked and two open features appear. The first one increases the turbo car speed and the second row shield gives you a short time protection. You need to use this protection when the bomb is right on you. Otherwise, your protection is wasted and you are renewed as the bombs hit you. In order not to lag behind other racing cars, we need to give a protection command at the right time with the mouse. With the Turbo, you can increase the speed of your car and pass other vehicles. However, your turbo is re-opening after a certain time. You collect coins on the way and new sections are opened according to the money you collect. As you progress in the game, you encounter bumps and obstacles. These are trying to slow down your speed. Sometimes your car can turn around because of these bumps. Your game does not end when you turn upside down, but you slowly reach the finish because your speed slows down. If you eat the bombs and the green indicator flashes on you, then your game is over and you are defeated. As the game is over, you can start playing again quickly. If you continue tirelessly, you can pass the levels. As the game progresses, new levels come with new features. Therefore, the game does not remain stable and diversifies. Our game, which appeals to audiences of all ages, is that simple. I can say exactly to relieve stress and get rid of what's on your mind.

  • Although the ads that appear before and after the game are a bit annoying, they do not prevent you because they do not open while you are in the game. A game that you can play with fun. You set foot in new adventures with the chapters in the game and this can be addictive to you. The game is currently only available on our site

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