Snail Bob 3

Play the Snail Bob 3 game. This adventure of smart little snail Bob takes place in corn. Her grandmother sends her to the Egyptian pyramids.
How to play;

We start by clicking the "Play" buttons and the "1" section. Little Snail Bob is collecting golden stars hidden in each environment in this episode, while his grandmother sends him the smart snail Bob to bring him Alaattin's magic lamp. Various obstacles and enemies will appear in each section of Bob, who is on his way with a snail walk. Of course, our little snail will not stay idle and will take various ways to defeat its rivals. Little Snail Bob will get help from the magic lamp to outperform the enemies, and sometimes he will change and take the image of another animal, sometimes moving on his way using the object he got from the lamp. With Little Snail 3 Game, we will encounter new features and puzzles that need to be solved. Since the Little Snail 3 Game is corn-themed, it is also frequently seen in corn-specific items in the game. While helping the snail Bob in Little Snail 3 game, we have to make it move by opening and closing the door and established devices with the buttons around. The progress of Little Snail Bob should move the objects that we can use in puzzle-shaped sections in a certain order. Little Snail 3 If you hold the arrow on the game picture before playing the game, you can watch the video of the game.
Game Type;

It has HTML5 structure. The plug-in opens unintentionally.
Original Name of the Game;

Snail Bob 3

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