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Sniper 3D

Sniper 3D Introduction

Today, we will promote Sniper 3D, an assassination game for you. The graphic of the game is in a very good condition compared to many games and it is not overlooked. The game has a dark concept, but it is still easy to play.

Sniper 3D First Levels

At the first level of the game, you are doing educational activities and later the game gets harder. During the training, there are topics such as how to use control tools and why you fight. First, players first determine the general firing range and then focus on the target using the zoom tool located on the left side of the screen. After aiming, you touch the fire icon in the lower left corner and the sound of the fire rises. When the bullet reaches the target, the moment of striking is shown in slow motion. However, if the lead did not reach the target, there is no change on your screen. So in this game, you take on the role of shooter. In the first levels, easy opponents come and motivate you, but it challenges you as the game progresses. The bloody images that appear in these firing rows can scare the kids. So it is a game that is not suitable for young children.

Sniper 3D Advanced Levels

After the first episodes of Sniper 3D are finished, a virtual character appears and gives the players missions. Players buy a weapon to perform these missions. As you complete the missions, you start collecting items such as play money, energy and diamonds. If you run out of energy, you cannot do the tasks and wait for it to fill up. When you trick the clock of the phone back and forth, you are energized immediately. You can also earn diamonds by watching commercial videos and you can also get energy with diamonds. 1 diamond and full energy is loaded into your account after each game is passed. To level up, you have to play the game constantly and complete the missions. The best part of these tasks is that they are not in the same style. Because there are different tasks in the form of limited, long-term ones. You start to upgrade your weapons as you progress. Because after a while it becomes useless. On the screen, the upgrades that players must make are shown with hints. Players can upgrade these weapons with the money they earned before, and if the money is not enough, you can buy real money and upgrade your weapon and continue the game. As the game gets overly difficult after a while, it forces you to buy weapons with real money. However, the game can be progressed gradually without making any deposit.

What is the Purpose of Sniper 3D?

The aim of Sniper 3D is to kill people and complete missions. The number of people to be killed differs in the tasks and different areas come to make the game difficult and different. In this way, you do not get bored. Because the game does not remain stationary, there are always differences. Hitting people in the head gives you additional income. So you should try to kill people by targeting the head. The game shows that even though you kill people, you are doing this for a good cause. Killing people is of course not a good thing. However, it is perfect in getting your stress. If you are angry with someone, you are depressed, you can be very confused with this game. I can say that this game has great benefits in killing leisure time and gaining energy. I definitely recommend you to play. Frequent ads in the game can sometimes get frustrated but at the moment there is almost no ad-free game. In short, the game is a shooter, an assassin game. Although it appeals to boys, it is often played by girls. Although I couldn't compare the game to Pupg, there are some who compare it. You can download and play the game for free from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store according to the brand of your phones.

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