At the bottom of the screen of the 2048 solitaire game, you place the cards of different colors with numbers such as 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 ... on the top of the screen. When cards of the same number overlap in the same place, the number on the card doubles, increasing its value and a card disappearing. In this way, the numbers to 2048 numbers to ensure that the cards disappear. Our goal is to increase the number of cards on all cards to 2048 and clear the upper area of the cards and make room for new cards.

Some of the new papers have WILD on them. This is a bonus card that replaces all cards. At the bottom right of the screen, we put 2 sheets that we do not want to use where DISCARD is written. Once the cards have come to the dashed line on the screen, no new cards are placed in the same row. Play twenty48 solitaire by destroying them all before the cards come to this line. You earn points every time you move. The points you collect appear at the top of the screen. Play 2048 solitaire games, trying to achieve the best record of all time.

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