About the Subject of Game and How to Play game is a free download mobile game in the genre of war games. The aim of the game is to destroy various alien war vehicles that want to attack the Earth. Different powers come from the destroyed spaceships of various colors and sizes, and various weapon powers are gained with these powers. There are more than 150 sections called stories in the game and these sections increase as the update comes. In the sections, there are mini levels called waves. Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter game also has various missions. These tasks are daily and success tasks. Gold is earned as these missions are completed. With the gold earned, spaceships of different types and power can be purchased, and the purchased spaceships are strengthened and upgrades such as bullet diversity are received. There is a multiplayer (multiplayer) mode in the game. This multiplayer mode is opened after passing the 12th chapter.

There is also the option of a mini spaceship called Galaxy Drones in the game. This mini ship provides shooting support in the game and fires at enemy ships. There are also daily gifts in the game. These gifts start with gold on the first day, and on the other days, the spaceship gives different firing power and extra life. In the game, the ship has a certain energy, and 5 energy goes to each game play.

About What Families Should Know

It is important for families to have information about the games their children play in terms of guiding the child and minimizing or eliminating the potential risks that the game may have. If we examine the Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter game, Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter is a game of war type and various alien war vehicles are tried to be destroyed in the game. There are various missions in the game and if the tasks are completed, gold is earned. Players can perform various upgrades in the game with the gold they earn. In addition, various gifts are given to the players every day when logging into the game. Players can receive gifts upon daily login.

Another element of the game is that there are in-game purchases in the game. In cases where gold is not sufficient in the game, gold can be purchased with real money using in-game purchases, and some locks in the game can be unlocked in this way. Again, in the game, the player can change the color and model of the spacecraft using the gold he has. If the player's gold is running out or in short supply, the appearance or features of the spacecraft can be changed via online purchase. Another situation where an in-game purchase can be used is when the energy runs out. If the energy runs out in the game, the player either has to wait for a while or players who do not want to wait can continue the game using in-game purchases.

Advice for Families About

The game is seen to be suitable for children over the age of 7, according to the Pegi rating system. Pegi 7 rating is completely correct and does not mean that it should be applied. It is the most appropriate method for each parent to make a decision about their child, taking into account their children's personality traits.
In terms of the gameplay of the game, it helps to provide hand-eye coordination. Although the Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter game does not contain any negative content, it is important for parents to be careful in case the players prefer ads to complement their energy in the game. Another option that players can often prefer is the in-game purchase method. Players can earn gold by using the in-game purchases feature, unlock various episodes, or change the appearance of their spacecraft through in-game purchases. In-game purchases for young children can sometimes seem attractive and cause children to unconsciously invest money in the game in order to progress in the game.

As a result, parents have a great responsibility. Providing children to play in a controlled manner by guiding their children within the framework of certain rules and intervening where necessary will provide a safer play environment for children. On the other hand, parents should be careful about the advertising content that the child encounters in the game. Parents accompanying and guiding children during the game will reduce the risks that may be encountered.

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