Stickman Skate

Stickman Skate Battle is a skateboard game you can play for free on your Android phone.
Stickman Skate Battle is the most fun skateboard riding game you've played on your mobile device. We enter the colorful world of skateboarding stickmen enter the world of Android games, we can play alone as well as one-on-one challenges, daily and weekly tournaments can participate.

Offline playable in other words does not require internet connection in the skateboard game that wins the liking of the characters are designed according to the places for the stickman. Skateboarding is as detailed and pleasing as possible. There are 22 characters who act like professional skateboarders and can master the challenging movements. There are 10 parks where we can compete with our favorite skateboarder.

In addition to full controller support, Android TV and Nvidia Shield support, the skateboard game also includes an event area where we compete with players around the world.

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