War of Metal

Publications that browser games with Turkey and reach a very large audience in the country managed Oasis Games' newest game Metal War is a 2D fighting game with Turkish interface. The parts of Metal War, where you can play through your browser without any loading, are very similar to the legendary game Metal Slug, which we know from the arcade halls.

In these missions where you try to kill all the enemies and save the hostages by overcoming the attacks of enemy soldiers from the air and land, you destroy the giant robots, tanks, etc. war machines and earn a lot of gifts and money.

Metal War, which offers 4 unique character options with different stories, weapons and special abilities including brave heart, crazy soldier, secret agent and metal warrior, has a very rich selection of weapons and ammunition. You can carry 2 different large weapons, 1 grenade and 1 melee weapon on you, you can increase the levels of the weapons you have and ensure that they have new features and high destructive power.

Featuring unique features such as the wing, passenger and equipment system, as well as unique features such as the fashion and tank system, Metal War offers an enjoyable gaming experience with its fun graphics, smooth gameplay and arena where you can fight other players.

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