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New versions and variants of Sonic the Hedgehog series, one of the most played games, can be found in our Sonic games archive. You can start running in the classic Sega Genesis world, fly in new games and even play in the Mario world! You can be sure to find what you're looking for in our 16-bit games that range from original platform games to sports games and puzzles. The first mazes you will see here and the games you can use with Tails' best friend are waiting for you! Of course, you can also select Tails and collect the rings by flying.

Fans of the original game will love our Sonic themed pinball and Tetris games. If you want a different and new adventures, you can try our mosaic puzzles and racing games. But no matter which game you choose, thanks to easy controls Tails, Dr. You will not waste time on adventures with Robotnik and his friends. Some of our games are even controlled with a single touch; you can control everything by just clicking the mouse! You can find live graphics in Sonic games, and you can be sure that your entertainment will not be interrupted by the smooth controls.

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