You can benefit from our article created for the purpose of informing the game about the Akinator game. Game 3 was created by the French in 2007 and first appeared in the internet but failed to attract the attention of the people in those years. After 11 years, he came back to the agenda in the form of his mobile application and achieved the popularity he wanted. It is due to the fact that people are not as tight as today with internet games in the failure to achieve the expected popularity in the first release of the game. The increase in the use of smart phones has made people addictive to playing mobile games. The developers of the Akinator game found that the game market was in demand via mobile applications and resulted in moving the game to this platform. It was a game known to everyone in Europe and its summit took place in 2009.
The mobile application was launched in 2010 by the French mobile company SCIMOB in 2010 when the Akinator was popular. The download and gameplay increase of the application has brought it to the top spots in the application store. Platforms on which the game can be played; It is iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Microsoft Windows, Web browser. The game can be played with a single player. Before you start the game, you continue with choosing the necessary answers to the questions in accordance with a fictional character.

Akinator Game Play

The Akinator game begins with answering questions led by a genie. You keep your mind and character questions that you answer a question with gin person's characteristics in mind. For example; Let the person you keep in mind be the famous singer Rihanna. The questions come with 20 questions such as age and gender, and sometimes he can guess who he is without even asking 10 questions. So the character in the player's head is combined with questions. It is possible to say that the combinations in these first 20 questions are about one million variants. For the questions to start, it is enough for the user (player) to press the start button and think of a character in his mind and answer the questions. This character should be an athlete, actor, political personality, musician, youtube etc. Questions begin to come as one of the options, yes, no, I don't know, probably, probably not, to narrow combinations in each question. The game will continue to ask questions until you find the character. If it downloads the options without asking 25 questions to the only possible option, the program will automatically ask if the character is correct. If the program has made three incorrect predictions, the program will prompt the game user to type the character's name to expand the character database.
You will be very surprised that the game finds the character you have in mind. A fun, boring game. We definitely recommend it for those who want to get stressed out and get confused.

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