Earn to Die 2

If you haven't started playing one of our favorite games, "Earn to die", start now! In this game full of zombies, all you have to do is crush and kill them with your vehicle! The more zombies you kill, the more points you earn! You can use the points to buy gasoline and change the properties of your vehicle. How to play: The game is played with the direction keys. Use the up arrow key to move forward.

Before starting Zombie Crush game, it is helpful to read the following instructions.

To start the game, wait for it to load first.
Once the game is installed, click “New Game”.
Choose a memory box to save the game.
When you come back from the game so you can continue where you left off.
If you are out of the game and want to continue where you left off, click on “Load Game ve and select the memory box where you saved the game before.
At the beginning of the game you are given some money. With this money, you need to buy a car first. Once you get the car, you can start squashing zombies.
As your zombie crushes and drives, your points will increase and you will get new parts for your existing car.
If your car no longer suffices and you have enough money, you can continue to collect points by buying a new car.
You can also play the Zombie Crush game in short versions to complete the tasks you are given. To do so, click “Challenge”. However, to play the game's ge Challenge un mode, you must have completed the story version.

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