Bloons Tower Defense 5

We are with you today with balloon tower defense 5 game, which is described as the father of balloon blasting games and tower defense games. We will be on the side of the monkeys in this game where we have to show our best game by developing a different strategy and defense tactic.

Bloons Tower Defense 5 Bloons TD 5 or Bloons Tower Defense 5 game in this game with our own monkeys while managing the monkey tower defense we need to do with them. There are many different sections in the game and they are considered entry level, medium level and difficult. If you have just started, we can proceed by clicking on the places that beginner says. The aim of our game is to prevent the attack of the balloons, so we must select the smart monkeys that match our criteria and get them on the section map.

As the chapters progress, different and even iron balloons will come in the game dart monkey, laser monkey, boomerang monkey throwing, sniper monkey, ice-freezing and sticky substance monkey throwing them out of the game you can open the section.

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