• What is the Objective of the Blocks Game?

The aim of the blocks game is to destroy all the squares as soon as possible and reach the target score. To destroy them all, you can start the game by destroying the same colored boxes. If all the boxes do not disappear, you can still beat the game, but you must reach the specified target score. You will love to play with these colorful blocks.

  • How to Play Blocks Game?

Blocks has a very simple playing style. It is played only with the left mouse button. The important point here is to make the right moves at the right time. Colorful colored blocks overlap in the game. If these blocks are of the same color, if they are next to each other, they disappear when you click the blocks. However, blocks that don't touch each other will not disappear when you click them. You get various points from the blocks and these points are transferred to Goal, the target part. This section writes how many points you need to get. If you cannot reach that goal in-game and there is no box left to destroy, you cannot pass the game. Although the game is very simple in the first levels, it gets harder in the next levels. Difficulties are noticeable especially after level 5. Attention Rainbow Box!
If you destroy the same color blocks in multiple ways, a box like a rainbow appears. When you click on this box, the blocks of the same color next to you disappear instantly. In this way, things are cleared and your work becomes easier. Rainbow also brings more points. You can also go back to the previous step by pressing the undo button in the game. Under the undo option, there is a replay game and if you press replay, the game starts over again. If you get stuck in the game and your blockz are now gone, then you can press play again. The best score you make in the game is written on the top left. In fact, another goal will be to achieve your best score. This game, which can appeal to all ages, will be the medicine of your troubled times. The game will make itself addicted to you in a short time. As the level passes, you will crave to play more and see ahead. Those who want to distract will be free from all their worries and will focus only on the game.

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