Cars Driver

Hi guys I will give you a few details about the Cars Driver key configuration and what to do when starting the game. I am sure the existence of friends who do not know is not too small to underestimate. Producers who developed the Debrij system in the same way as that of a real car, have set the car to stop if you cannot adjust the throttle and throttle while trying to lift the car.

Which Keys to Play Cars Driver?
B - Seat belt

Space Bar (Handbrake) - Handbrake

T - Clutch

W - forward gear

S - Downshift and reverse gear

1- (1 on the letters) - Neutral gear

E - Starting the Engine

Tab - Wipers

Point - Right Signal

Comma - Left Signal

The direction keys accommodate the gas and brake system to turn left and right.

If you are not used to the gear system and have difficulty adjusting the clutch, enter the settings to activate the automatic clutch in the controls section.

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