Eye Doctor

As an ophthalmologist, you should check the patients who come to your office for vision problems. You should take the 4 small patients who come to the examination in the examination room in order to pass the tests. In the eye examination game, you should check the discomfort of your little patient's eye using the materials recommended for you. During the tests you perform, you will learn the damage found in the eyes of your patients and make the necessary treatment examination in a short time. All patients who come for examination should be treated and sent home. You can use the mouse while playing the game. Ophthalmologist should perform all the tests performed to the patients who come to the examination for eye discomfort during the game and do exactly what the ophthalmologist should do. Thus, you will learn what kind of applications are made in the eye examination and you will not be afraid to go to have eye check thanks to the eye examination game. By recognizing what the ophthalmologist uses to learn the damage, you should show your patients that eye examination is a very comfortable check. All examinations should be performed accurately and quickly to show that you are a good ophthalmologist. In order to improve the damage to the eyes of your patients, you should not forget to recommend that your patients use their medications without interrupting them.

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