Flip Bottle

Bottle Spin is a mutual and simple game. Information or physical movement is exchanged.

The bottle spin game is usually played during or after puberty. It is played with a group of young people sitting in a round. When it is your turn, you will either reveal your private secrets or perform an unwanted physical process. Bottle spin game, usually played by girls and boys to establish intimacy, can also be described as a small wheel of fortune.

If you are young, call it courage and your peer is a opposite sex, you will probably be asked to kiss her on the lips.

The bottle spin game is played with 3 or more players. The ingredients for the game are a bottle and bright brains.

The collected players sit in a circle and the bottle is placed. The bottle is first turned by a random person. The person indicated by the cap side of the bottle is asked a question, and the person indicated by the back of the bottle is the person who will ask the question. The person shown in the back first asks, mu Truthfulness? ’Mi Courage?. Bravery is called to do something physical. Any specific information is asked if it is called accuracy. If no answer is given or requested, all players will decide a penalty and punish that person.

How to play?
Click or tap to flip the bottle.

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