Snail bob 7

How to play;

We press the Play button. We can pass the promotions through the button written skip. When you come to the main page, you select the flag of the country in which language you want to play the game from the flag list at the bottom. Next, let's continue on the play button. The episode list will open. When we select the first episode, we see Snail Bob reading the fairy tale book. We will start the game when we click the arrow in the corner to pass this part. If you want to play full screen, you can use the full screen button on our game page.

Snail Bob will be a dragon fighter in this adventure! The little snail is reading a fairy tale book before going to sleep. Our snail, who is affected by the dragon story in the book, finds herself in the dream land when she falls asleep. Here, our traveler snail will be waiting for a journey full of dangers. But since our snail is very brave and smart, it finds a way to get rid of any danger. Closed doors and passageways were placed on the snail's path. We open them and advance the snail. When the danger approaches the snail, we click on it, and our snail uses the shell as self-protection. The safe house shell of the snail. We have to click on it again to get it out of there. We have two options to use in the game. These; Reversing the direction of the snail and moving it quickly. For this, we use the yellow and green buttons in the upper right corner of the game. Alternatively, we can use the numbers 1 and 2 on the keyboard. We also have an ant friend to pass Snail Bob to the exit door at the end of the road. We click on the door buttons by clicking the ant where it will go and moving it. Three stars are hidden in each part of the game. It is fun to search and find them too. A nice snail adventure game with episodes in the fairy tale world full of intelligence and surprises.
If you hold the arrow on the game picture before playing the game, you can watch the video of the game.

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