Tug of War Zombie

The rope pulling game tests your strength with a one and two player version. By clicking on the 1P and 2P buttons on the menu page, you decide whether you want to play one or two people. When you click on the 1P button against the computer, when you click on the 2P button you are playing a rope pulling game between yourself and a friend.

The rope pulling game pulls the rope by clicking the upward button in one person and clicking the other opponent "W" button in two persons. The faster you click on these keys in series, the more you pull the rope to your side. For mobile phones, just click on the screen. For two people, each team pulls the rope to their side when they click on their zombies.

Each team consists of 4 zombies. There is a saw on the boundary line between the teams. Win the match by bringing the opponent closer to this saw and tearing them apart. At the top of the screen you and your opponent's athletes appear.

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