Bullet Force Multiplayer

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Bullet Force is a game that you can recommend if you want to play an online FPS game like Counter Strike on your mobile devices.

We witness modern battles in Bullet Force, an FPS game that you can download and play for free on your smartphone and tablet using the Android operating system. We have the opportunity to use the iconic weapons that are used in real life in the game which includes the clashes that are going on today. Bullet Force is a structure that allows 20 players to fight at the same time. Players can fight in teams and engage their aiming skills to win.

Bullet Force has 20 different weapon options. In addition, we can configure these weapons with different views, aiming systems and equipment according to our preferences. The game has 4 different game modes. You can fight as a team if you want, you can fight against all players alone if you wish, you can also fight for the dominance of certain regions.

You can also play Bullet Force on your own when you don't have an internet connection. The game allows you to fight bots in the single player room.